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Looking for a RBYes Mortgage or Rabies? RBS Campaign Fail

In my previous post, I talked about how Natwest’s new ad campaign fell short because TV and digital were not integrated. The TV advert creative contained the call to action ‘Search NatYes’ yet NatWest did not have a listing in the organic results for that search phrase. They effectively paid twice by running PPC ads to try convert the visitor.

The post generated a lot of shares, comments on the blog and some twitter conversations. Whilst reading further around the subject I discovered a couple of interesting things.

Firstly, Natwest are owned by RBS and it transpires that the same advert has been shot twice – once for NatWest and once for RBS – with different accented boy actors to cater for different regional markets.

Both use a similar call to action in the TV ads – either ‘search NatYes’ or ‘Search RBYes’.

Secondly, as you’d expect given the same marketers & agency, both campaigns experience similar digital integration problems. However, to compound it, the RBYes campaign has encountered another unfortunate issue.

When you type in ‘RBYes’ to Google, the search engine has tried to helpfully correct what it believes to be a misspelling. So instead of information on RBS mortgages you get…


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Jobsite win double at Onrec Awards came home a double winner last night, winning both the Best Technical Innovation and the Innovative Offline Marketing awards at’s annual online recruitment awards bash.

Jobsite (the company I work for), won the Offline award for our recent branding campaign, which including heavyweight TV advertising starring Max Beesley. The other finalists were Fish4Jobs, and Graduate Yorkshire.

Perhaps more interesting for this blog is the Best Technical Innovation award we won for ‘BeMyInterviewer’.

If you’re not familiar with the product, it’s an interactive video-based service that enables you to practise your interview technique with a panel of some of the UK’s most successful businesspeople. Topping the bill is Duncan Bannatyne from the Dragons’ Den, along with interviewers from Ernst & Young, Virgin Atlantic, ITV, BSkyB and O2.

Other finalists for the Onrec award included,, and

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