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Sex, Drugs & Rock & Roll: Google Maps Mashup Style

Sex toys, crime statistics and the Artic Monkeys. Words I never thought I could unite in one blog post. Take a moment to consider where this could go… Nothing quite so sensational, I’m afraid, but interesting nonetheless. Anyone who knows

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For Google size is everything

You probably didn’t notice the subtle change that occured on the Google homepage yesterday. I’m guessing that at a glance you still wouldn’t know if I held up before and after shots of the page. As reported by Mashable, Google

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Local Links appearing in PPC ads

Updated 12:52 pm 23/07/09: Apparently the mysterious link is a ‘Adwords Local PlusBox‘. Yeah, I’d never heard to them either. Well apparently they were launched in December 2007, but as none of the search team had seen them before, I’m

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Google Profiles in UK Search Results

Today I noticed the new Google Profiles section inserted into the UK search results. When the new plans for Google Profiles were announced last month, it was mentioned that they would insert up to four matching results in a Profiles section at the foot of the first page of the SERPs (for a search on a name). The roll out was due to start in the U.S., but with no announced timetable for the rest of the world. Well, it seems the UK is ready.

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10 Insider Tips to Win a Search Agency Pitch

When you’re a search agency pitching to potential clients, how many times do you wonder: What is it that they really want? What are they thinking right now? Are we doing okay? Was this tie/shirt combo a good idea? The

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