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Cool Tip: How to capture screen shots on your iPhone

If you’re a blogger, tweeter or regular garden geek, you’ll like this little iPhone tip. It’s not an earth mover, but you will say “Oooo“. As someone who blogs, but lacks design skills, I find the process of creating images

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Social Media 2009: in doodles

Okay, so I’m really late on this one. There was snow and…well, snow really.  It’s 2010 and it’s really time to put finger to keyboard again. You’d have to have been in a dark hole for a fortnight not to

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2010 Resolution: Read One Book a Fortnight

Last week I read, and was inspired by, Julien Smith’s article ‘How To Read a Book a Week in 2010‘. Take a read, maybe you will be too. In a nutshell, Julien set himself a challenge last year to read

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Sex, Drugs & Rock & Roll: Google Maps Mashup Style

Sex toys, crime statistics and the Artic Monkeys. Words I never thought I could unite in one blog post. Take a moment to consider where this could go… Nothing quite so sensational, I’m afraid, but interesting nonetheless. Anyone who knows

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Google gives Berlin Wall the (Big) Bird

I love the current series of altered Google logos celebrating 40 years of Sesame Street – especially today’s featuring the Count (one of my personal Jim Henson favourites). However, I can’t help feel that it might have been slightly more

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